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“SHOCKING” car seat price increase

Child car seat price news


It has been brought to our attention that the escalating prices been charged for renting child car safety seats from hire car companies is not only the situation on the coast, but also a global problem as well. We have been made aware of a website that is demonstrating with illustrations taken from various rental companies showing the true picture behind the gossip that we have heard of over the passed year, please use this link to see for yourself:-

Last year we were made well aware of the ridiculous prices being charged for these products from 2012 / 2013 and we were presented as a reputable business offering fair trade quality products by a television celebrity who has even provided a link within his website The Money Man (Scroll down to item 6).

We hope you find the information useful with the links provided and if you have any comments about this topic please drop us an email to

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Flying to Malaga family dilemma:

Lug the Car Seat from Home to Holiday Resort?

Pay High Prices to rent a seat from your Car rental company?

Hire a Car Seat from A baby equipment Hire Company.

Travelling parents are in a dilemma: They don’t want to lug a heavy car seat from home through the airport or risk it getting damaged in the cargo hold, so they opt for renting — but car rental agencies charge between 5€ and 13€ per car seat, per day. After a few days of renting, you can spend as much as a brand new seat costs — although picking one up safely with kids in tow upon landing would be a challenge for any family

Worse yet, there’s no guarantee that a rented car seat from your car hire company will be in safe condition. Or clean. Or come with an instruction manual on how to install it. Or even be there. as quite often they don’t have them in stock and this item on holiday is not a luxury. A problem this summer at Malaga Airport for some customers.

Rental car companies  provide car seats to its customers as a convenience. But some parents arrive at the car rental company and find demand has exceeded the supply of safe, available seats.  Stress for parents flying with kids is magnified when a critical travel safety component is missing. While child passenger safety laws do vary from place to place, everywhere in the world must have car seats for children  depending on a child’s age and weight.

While bringing your own seat might seem like the only option to you, as you know the seat you know its quality and how to install it, but there are companies like Tots Store Malaga that are working with car seats everyday and have very high standards to their customers.

“So why do parents open their wallets to pay high car seat rental costs? When in some resorts there are are options available to rent a child’s Car Seat for a very reasonable cost and high standards.

It’s one thing to leave your diet at home while on holiday,”It’s another to leave your child’s car seat at home or arrive and nothing is available to you.”

Travelling to Malaga Aiport order your Car seats from Tots Store. Read the reviews of their car seat Rental..

We travelled to Malaga Airport this year and found Tots Store Malaga there service was fantastic , the seats were of very high standard and are checked regular. There prices were also very good at 21.00€ per week. We would highly recommend them.
Chris Lunn
“Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service and brand new car seat for our son. Made things a lot easier for us, and a lot cheaper than the car rental prices!”
Just wanted to write and say thanks so much for the excellent customer service we received from you guys on our recent holiday.  We had an unfortunate 4 hour delay on the way out to Malaga, but thanks to the actions for Sarah who kindly dropped the car seats off with our car rental company, and then the following morning came to our villa to gather the deposit, on top of this Sarah even picked up our wi-fi from the airport on the way as it was closed by the time we landed.
We will defo use you guys again and will recommend to anyone!
Ben Lake