Offsite Car Rental with Bus Transfer

Make your way to the PUBLIC arrivals hall and check in with the Rental Company for your bus transfer.

Then follow the instructions from the Representative towards the location to board the mini bus.

IMPORTANT: On route you will come across an entrance to DEPARTURES when you are walking through the tunnel. This entrance will be on your RIGHT hand side with glass doors.

Your group/family can wait in here with your luggage.
ONLY one person needs to come and collect the products.

You can now make contact that you are on route to the collection point.

Airport Hotline:
(0034) 608 505 445

Call or WHATS APP number:
(0034) 687 300 077

Take the elevator up to Departure Floor 1.

Walk along in front of the Easyjet booking counter to the exit doors on your left.

Exit the building and cross the road to the Tobacco shop area.

We will delivery your products to you here next to the Tobacco shop.

Once you have your products continue back to the tunnel area and go to your bus location point at the end of the tunnel.