Terms and conditions

Service Hours

Our normal hours of service are 09.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs (7 days a week). 

  • We can arrange for staff to be available for the return of products before this time, but this may require an OUT OF HOURS collection fee (please contact us for more details at sales@totsstore.com).
  • We are also available for collection at the airport until 21.00 hrs, but if you require after this time this may incur an extra fee (please contact us with order details, flight times and requirements at sales@totsstore.com).
  • Returns at the airport can be made between 09:00 – 21:00 hrs. To use the service between 21:00hrs and 09:00hrs will require our Car Rental service
  • We are now accommodating late night and early morning flights with our products via our “Car Rental Service” for details either use link provided or contact rentacar@totsstore.com

Payment Conditions & Security Deposits

  • IMPORTANT: All rental orders will require a security deposit held by means of credit / debit card used to place online orders. This card will need to be presented on collection of the order. If the card details change before order collection/delivery it is the responsibility of the card holder to contact us with new card details with minimum notice of 24 hours. Failure to produce the correct details can result in order termination.
  • Damage or lost items will have the value including taxes seized from the deposit, any remainder deposits will be released to the card provided.
  • Any charges associated with the transaction will be the responsibility of the card holder.
  • We have Credit / Debit cards charges in place for the online reservations, please see amount when placing orders.
  • If you choose to place an online booking without the payment process, you will need to contact us to provide a Credit / Debit card details to secure the reservation (This process is carried out the same as a Hotel reservation).
  • Payments made by Credit / Debit cards in resort or at the airport will incur the rate at time of order.
  • Orders agreed by email with discounts will incur the the higher 20% card charge with no management authorization.

Airport Collection Service

  • It is required that all clients are to report to the collection point within 50 minutes of your flight arrival time or make contact with the staff member via:

Hotline phone number (+34) 608 505 445 (Calls Only)

Calls and What’s App (+34) 687 300 077

  • Failure to do so will result in the loss of order with NO refund. Only contact that has been made with a valid reason of delay once at the terminal will be processed.
  • If no contact from the client has been made to Tots Store for change of flight information or delays prior or during flights for product collection the order will be dismissed without notification. We will do all we can to accommodate delays and changes to flights to make orders available, but if clients fail to notify that the collection is not during the specified time period orders will be cancelled.
  • For information regarding defect or unclean equipment please see item 10 on the Disclaimer link here or back of receipt (Only Spanish).

Reservation Requirement

  • All orders must be paid in advance or have authorization from management to be made available. If your order is not fully processed via the website with the payment receipt we can not guarantee that your products will be available on your arrival.
  • Our online ordering system accepts all types of debit/credit cards.
  • Advice Note: In order to use your credit or debit card on our system you will have to require the authorization of the card to be used overseas transaction, as we are a registered company of Spain and our accounts are set in country of origin.
  • We are still operating the PayPal payment system but if you wish to use this we will have to send you a payment request. Please note that PayPal payments will require an administration cost of 6% (minimum 3.50€) to order.
  • Please note: All orders made with less than 24 hours from arrival will incur an extra 6.50€ service charge and need to be accompanied with an email (sales@totsstore.com) containing your flight details and products required to make sure we can serve your order. Failure to provide any prior contact with orders made online with less that 24 hours of arrival will be subjected to administration fee of 6.50€ for the return of funds.

Purchases Only

  1. If you are only purchasing items and DO NOT required delivery please click the “Airport Collection” in the drop down on the “Checkout” page.

Rental (Basic terms)

  1. We DO NOT operate the 24 hour rental time period. We include the full daily hours of day 1 and the last day of your rental period.
    Example:- Collection at 10:00hrs on day 1 and Return at 20:00hrs on day 7, would still only count as 7 day rental. Only once the time period crosses the date will change the rental dates.
  2. We will require to see your passport or International identification for the rental of Tots Store products.
  3. Security Deposits:- We can only accept Credit or Debit Card for our deposit of a minimum 25€ which will required for the duration of the rental product, this can be submitted on collection of the product.
  4. The depositor will be responsible for the products during the time of hire.
  5. An address entered into the SHIPPING field is only required if you would like your product delivered.
  6. Important:- We will require your flight details, date and time of arrival for your products to be ready for you. This is required during the “Chectout” procedure.

Delivery & Collection terms & conditions

  • When receiving the FREE delivery offer, it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure the return of the products in the easiest and least time consuming way possible or the leaser will be incur a 10.00€ collection fee.
  • The return of the product collection must conform with the delivery times and must conform to the Tots Store working schedule or the leaser will incur the collection charge of 10.00€.
  • For third parties to receive products from delivery drivers a valid documentation must be provided with a signature to Tots Store paper work.
  • All deliveries are subject to a time schedule, any deliveries delayed from meeting forward clients for the reasons unconditional with Tots Store will incur further charges to there order or will be removed from deposits.
  • For information regarding defect or unclean equipment please see item 10 on the Disclaimer link here or back of receipt (Only Spanish).
  • All collections are subject to a minimum 6.50€ collection fee, unless we have email conformation from Management to state otherwise.

Refunds & Cancellations

  1. Refunds can only be carried out with agreement from the management department.
  2. An email notice has to be confirmed from the client to admin@totsstore.com for refunds to be acted within the specified time periods.
  3. Please note:- We will require in writing from the account payee to the address below a conformation of cancellation for any refunds on outstanding orders.
  4. No refunds will be obtained with less than 48 hours notice of cancellation (Advice Note:- You can claim these costs with travel insurance and the correct policy if you have in place).
  5. Refund valuation
  • Refund 100% :- In the event that Tots Store is unable to provide you with satisfactory products/product.
  • Refund less administration and bank charges :- With more than 14 days notice of cancellation a minimum of 4.50€ or 10% of order value (whichever the greater).
  • Refund less administration and bank charges :- With more than 7 days but less than 14 days notice of cancellation a minimum of 10€ or 30% of order value (whichever the greater).
  • Any cancellations with more than 48 hours but less than 7 days notice will incur a minimum of 15€ or 50% of order value (whichever the greater).
  • No credit/debit card or online charges will be refunded.

Please Note: The Travel Systems will have NO refund with less than 14 days notice of cancellation, if another order is denied or unless another order can be committed (the final decision is from the management).

To view the Tots Store required signed DISCLAIMER

TOTS STORE (X-4921041-F)

Mijar Golf House, C/Severiano Ballesteros, Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa, Malaga, 29649

www.totsstore.com    –   admin@totsstore.com

Hotline Nº  – (+34) 608 505 445

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