Onsite Car Rental Companies

Clients using airport car rental companies i.e. AVIS, Hertz, RecordGo, etc.
These car rental companies are located at Level -1 under the baggage reclaim area and can be accessed from 2 directions.

One way from the escalator in front of baggage carousel 35 behind the Golf Shop.

The other access is via the lifts in front of baggage carousel 27/28

Once you are in the -1 floor, 1 person will be required to come to the Tobacco shop area and collect the products.

You can now make contact that you are on your way.

Airport Hotline:
Call or WHATS APP (0034) 608 505 445

DO NOT FORGET YOUR “PASSPORT” and “BOARDING PASS” or you will not get back to this location!

Go through these doors and up to the elevators past the security guard.

Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor and you will be by the Tobacco Shop, we will meet you in this area.