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Using your mobile phone abroad

mobile phone abroad

Are you planning on bring your mobile phone abroad on holiday this year or maybe you have changed provider since last year.

You will need to check and make sure you let your mobile phone company you are going away and have phone set to open networks abroad. You may not want to use it because the roaming service is to expensive, but to be able to use open WiFi networks you still have to be able to accept networks abroad. We know of many people that were caught out last year and this can be a communication problem for those that wish to use the free WiFi services offered by hotels and holiday accommodations.

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Tots Store serving Malaga Airport passengers

We are pleased to announce that Tots Store Baby and Toddler equipment hire from Malaga Airport on the Costa del Sol is now here to serve you with all your needs for young children while on holiday. We supply our products to the airport or deliver to the resorts making life a breeze for your family vacation.

We can supply everything from cots, push chairs, car seats for all ages to the fun equipment like scooters and bikes. All the equipment is available to pre-order online before you leave, so when you arrive we can have everything ready for you to either take to your destination or have delivered.

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