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WARNING to all families requiring child car seats with Car Rental Companies!

Dear Customers

We have to write and inform you of the disgraceful behavior associated by the car rental companies regarding child car seats. This is not the first occasion that we Tots Store have been faced with the unacceptable situation of a client being stranded at the airport with NO car seat for their infant when booking via a car rental company.

It all starts with the online booking of your car rental for your holiday, whether you have chosen the company by choice or even followed links offered by the holiday and airline companies. You have to realize that the child car seats are not part of your contract of your car. The rental company have to supply you with the car you book or upgrade you if that vehicle is not available on collection, but your baby seat is only a provisional requirement at this stage! Upon your arrival to collect your vehicle and there is no seat available the car rental company will take no responsibility.


Again we have just witnessed the Walker family used Jet2 airline link to book a rental car with a well-known car rental company within Malaga airport. Once at the desk to pay for the car and collect the baby seat informed that no seat was available as it was probably released to another client before them, who had arrived with no child car seat. The reason behind this is that if you turn up at a car rental company desk with no car seat and there is one waiting, they will provide you with the next seat even if it’s for another reservation. This way they can charge their own ADR (At Desk Rate) which is normally much higher than an online price, better for the car rental company.

We were then contacted via information at the airport and now have a family with a rental car at the airport with NO child car seat and it’s totally illegal to travel in the vehicle with that child in no safety seat! Yes we did manage to deal with this problem late on a Saturday evening and supply the family with an emergency child car seat until we could sort the problem next morning.

Unfortunately we do not have an endless supply of child car seats to supply these big company mistakes at short notice. We are not based in the airport but do supply to the airport with a 100% success rate with the clients that use our services. Whether you choose to rent just products from us or use our linked car rental service with an impeccable 5 star review, we will always treat you as people NOT numbers!

Your holiday is a vital period of the year for the whole family and if you don’t want to gamble on the outcome you may want to start with us first!

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Car rental prices from Malaga airport

Can your rental car price really be true?

Well its time to have a look at what seems to be great prices online, but really masked over with the Terms and Conditions when you arrive. Who honestly is looking into there car rental company contract before they travel and who is going to be another victim when they arrive on holiday? This question could be the answer to a successful start to your holiday or the main conversation for your vacation period!

Fuel Charges: This is a good place to start with an increment to your cost to add a fueling charge from 30€ plus the cost of the fuel, normally at around 1.60€ per litre for a full tank of fuel at 50 litres (this is a 3rd more expensive than the normal cost per litre). This would be a grand total of 110.00€ to add to your rental price, if you refuel the car before returning it they will refund the difference of what you spend. You will probably only get about 50€ maximum of fuel back in the tank, which means you have given them 60€ for WHAT!  The crazy part is that 85% of clients do not see this in time and once you have arrived, it’s to late to cancel! See image below to show a screen shot of fuel policy conditions.


Insurance: Most car rental companies have the basic insurance policy which only covers the third party full and the main driver will be required to leave substantial deposit, normally around 1,100€. In any case of damage to the vehicle this deposit is at their disposal to use for the repairs. Most car rental companies will use top end dealerships for the repairs under contract, this way they can charge the highest rate from the deposit and they are not at liberty to supply you with a receipt. Along with administration fees you can nearly lose 50% of your deposit for a scratch to a door panel.

Taking out any of the other insurances covering a medium to full policy can cost you and extra 8/ 12€ per day, with additional 56€ plus to your car rental total (this is based on a 7 day rental).

Child Car Seats: For families this has to be the worst business behavior for me, that your child is not as important as the car. What do I mean by this? When you book a car with most online car rental companies, you choose the car and then you add the extras i.e. Sat Nat, Child Car Seats, etc. these items are tagged on to the booking as a separate item (insignificant to the car rental company) you then normally pay part or all of the booking. These items are only quoted for at this point. Once you arrive for your car rental, because these are not items under contract with the car they may not be available, this leaves you with a car and no child car seat. If they are available then the prices can be extortionate! If you take the prices from the image below for a 1 week rental, this will total from 50.82€ to 86.03€ per seat.


Extra Driver: Another way for you to spend another 8/12€ per day for the safety of having the optional driver, when if you have one of the optional insurance policies this is included. Check the terms with the policy for the full insurance option before committing to pay for this. Tots Store car rental include the the second driver with the Full insurance policy (see our Terms and Conditions).

Queuing: This could be the worst start to your holiday having to start by linking on to a 3 to 4 hour queues to wait to collect your rental car. With very insufficient information of where to collect your car once you arrive, especially with the comparison car rental websites, they have created another way for you to pay between 50 / 70€ for express process. Waiting in an airport with a child or children for another 2 hours plus after a flight and early start can not be a fun start to your holiday! We have heard of customers waiting in the wrong queue for over an hour and then upon reaching the desk, told that in order to process the order it would cost the client 55€ extra for standing in the shorter queue for Speedy Process! Or the client would need to rejoin the longer queue, which was now at approximately 4 hours.



Tots Store Car rental service has put a stop to all this nonsense providing you with a complete vehicle and children equipment rental service. The price is what it says, this does not increase once you have agreed. These are some of the benefits you will receive with this service:

  • Advice on vehicle size for rental.
  • Personally met on arrival at the airport.
  • Escorted to your vehicle parked outside the Terminal doors.
  • NO long queues, no shuttle bus service or waiting in office for your vehicle.
  • Tots Store products will be in the vehicle.
  • On return, bring the vehicle to the same place outside the departures.
  • NO unfair fuel prices. Return the vehicle with same fuel level.
  • Leave the Tots Store products in the vehicle for us to retrieve.
  • This has to be the no hassle way!

We have received 5 star reviews on different social networks for this service and customer care, please check out our reliability and see these reviews for yourself via these links below.

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Using Credit or Debit cards on Holiday

holiday credit cards

Coming to the Costa del Sol this year for your annual holiday and wanting to use Credit or Debit cards from your country of residence.

You will need to take some steps before you leave, informing your bank of your holiday location and dates. This information will help the bank monitor your translations and that the cards are NOT fraudulently used without your authorization.

Due to the high fraud cases with the theft of credit cards and information two years ago the banks have had to change the system of credit and debit cards being used abroad. When new cards are issued, the country of residence is the only country of use until you inform the bank that you will be out of the country and you wish to use the cards you state. If the cards are used in any other area of the world during this period the transactions will be blocked.

Holiday Advice tips:

  • Make a note of all the information of any cards you carry with you, so if you do mislay or have them stolen. You can provide the information to the local authorities.
  • Normally on the back of the cards is the EMERGENCY CONTACT numbers for lost or stolen cards. Write this information down in a separate place and bring it with you. The number for when you are abroad is always very useful in an emergency!

We hope this information is useful to you, please SHARE to others.