Holiday property “SCAM” during 2013 and 14!

Don’t be caught out for your 2015 holiday on the Costa Del Sol or anywhere else


Dear Clients and Readers.

We feel that it is within our best interest to make you aware of a major scam that continues to happen here on the coast and we are sure it probably happens in many other holiday locations around the globe.

The horror stories that have shocked our minds regarding holiday makers and even friends of our clients that have rented properties from villas to apartments. They have paid all the monies and deposits upfront, then on arrival to the airport found no person of contact or access to a property. We have been informed about this scam from various sources this summer, but it does seem that it has been used for at least the last 2 years with high provocation to extract large amounts of money before the holiday dates are commenced. Once the client has arrived on the coast there is little that the authorities can do to trace the culprits, thus leaving the client to find alternative accommodation. During the high season of the summer this proves even more expensive as property vacancies are rare.

You have to consider that when renting a holiday property from an advert with a sole owner or agent, the person is reputable from a recommendation, legally registered and before transferring any deposits you are in agreement with paperwork of the contract.

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