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NEW Speed Camera System

A7 / N340 Police speed camera installation

Warning to all our clients

Please beware that the government have installed a new speed camera traffic system on the A7 / N340 between El Faro and La Cala de Mijas for both directions. This system captures the vehicles details and calculates the speed traveled over the 5 km distance, if you are travelling over the 80 km maximum you will receive a fine. Please note that you can not pass the cameras at the correct speed and then speed up, as the system is set to calculate the vehicle average speed.

This system has NOT been installed as a money making scheme to catch people out. It turns out that this section of road has been classed as the worlds worst black spot for accident fatalities within the shortest stretch. The two S bends between the points marked on the map below show the danger involved when traffic has been approaching at higher speeds losing control and most of the time creating accidents with other vehicles.

We would also like to make you aware that if you hire a vehicle and receive a traffic offence, which would be sent to the hire car company. We have heard that they are charging much more than the offence to your credit card if you do not come forward with the correct details for the Traffico Police division here in Spain.


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