Using Credit or Debit cards on Holiday

holiday credit cards

Coming to the Costa del Sol this year for your annual holiday and wanting to use Credit or Debit cards from your country of residence.

You will need to take some steps before you leave, informing your bank of your holiday location and dates. This information will help the bank monitor your translations and that the cards are NOT fraudulently used without your authorization.

Due to the high fraud cases with the theft of credit cards and information two years ago the banks have had to change the system of credit and debit cards being used abroad. When new cards are issued, the country of residence is the only country of use until you inform the bank that you will be out of the country and you wish to use the cards you state. If the cards are used in any other area of the world during this period the transactions will be blocked.

Holiday Advice tips:

  • Make a note of all the information of any cards you carry with you, so if you do mislay or have them stolen. You can provide the information to the local authorities.
  • Normally on the back of the cards is the EMERGENCY CONTACT numbers for lost or stolen cards. Write this information down in a separate place and bring it with you. The number for when you are abroad is always very useful in an emergency!

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