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Are you planning your family holiday to the Costa del Sol

The time is fast approaching the end of the first month of the year and it will soon be the start of our season around March. Many holiday travelers will descend on the Costa del Sol arriving at Malaga airport to start their vacation break. At this point you need to decide whether you would require to rent a vehicle for your onward journey or use the public / private transport.

We have the solution for both!

Family car rental service from Malaga airport

Tots Store family car rental with child car seats for all the correct heights, weights and ages. Plus you can take advantage of all our product range with great discounted prices on strollers, baby beds and much more.

For more details about our Family car rental service visit the website via the link in the image above or click here: Family Car Rental Service

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WARNING to all families requiring child car seats with Car Rental Companies!

Dear Customers

We have to write and inform you of the disgraceful behavior associated by the car rental companies regarding child car seats. This is not the first occasion that we Tots Store have been faced with the unacceptable situation of a client being stranded at the airport with NO car seat for their infant when booking via a car rental company.

It all starts with the online booking of your car rental for your holiday, whether you have chosen the company by choice or even followed links offered by the holiday and airline companies. You have to realize that the child car seats are not part of your contract of your car. The rental company have to supply you with the car you book or upgrade you if that vehicle is not available on collection, but your baby seat is only a provisional requirement at this stage! Upon your arrival to collect your vehicle and there is no seat available the car rental company will take no responsibility.


Again we have just witnessed the Walker family used Jet2 airline link to book a rental car with a well-known car rental company within Malaga airport. Once at the desk to pay for the car and collect the baby seat informed that no seat was available as it was probably released to another client before them, who had arrived with no child car seat. The reason behind this is that if you turn up at a car rental company desk with no car seat and there is one waiting, they will provide you with the next seat even if it’s for another reservation. This way they can charge their own ADR (At Desk Rate) which is normally much higher than an online price, better for the car rental company.

We were then contacted via information at the airport and now have a family with a rental car at the airport with NO child car seat and it’s totally illegal to travel in the vehicle with that child in no safety seat! Yes we did manage to deal with this problem late on a Saturday evening and supply the family with an emergency child car seat until we could sort the problem next morning.

Unfortunately we do not have an endless supply of child car seats to supply these big company mistakes at short notice. We are not based in the airport but do supply to the airport with a 100% success rate with the clients that use our services. Whether you choose to rent just products from us or use our linked car rental service with an impeccable 5 star review, we will always treat you as people NOT numbers!

Your holiday is a vital period of the year for the whole family and if you don’t want to gamble on the outcome you may want to start with us first!

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“Tots Store CAR RENTAL”


Dear Clients

We have understood your frustrations over the years with the car rental services from Malaga airport and we at Tots Store now have a solution to this issue. No more long queues, friendly customer service and quicker vacation from the airport premises.

Arriving at the airport:

Option 1 (Car rental at Malaga airport)



  • Collect luggage and proceed to Tots Store to collect products.
  • Proceed to car rental company with baggage and our products.
  • Wait in queue up to 4 hours for car that was booked on the internet.
  • Collect keys and make way to car.
  • Now find problem with car and look for member of staff.
  • Staff member found, car needs amendments or to be changed. Wait another 40 minutes to an hour.
  • Finally leave airport on root to location somewhere between 1.5 and 5 hours after collecting baggage!


Important addition to this post, please see this link to find out how your rental car will NOT be the price you pay online:


This is NOT a good way to start a family holiday!


Option 2 (Now with Tots Store Car Rental Service)


  • Collect luggage and proceed to the arrivals hall in Malaga Airport.
  • Meet with representative from car rental service (NO LONG QUEUE).
  • Escorted to your vehicle located at the airport terminal.
  • Your Tots Store products and car seats will already be placed in your vehicle.
  • Load your car and set off to your holiday location in approximately 30 minutes from collecting your luggage.
  • We also have the policy to work with companies that have !!NO HIDDEN CHARGES!! This means the price you are quoted is the price you pay. Not pay more when you arrive for FUEL charges, huge Insurance Excess, Extra driver daily fee, etc.

This is the way to start a family holiday 🙂

See the 5 star REVIEWS that we are recieving already. We are what we say “Everything it says on the tin!”

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